Manyo’s Sorceress of Nature: Crafting Clean Beauty Potions

Introducing a transformative journey into the realm of skincare alchemy! In our exclusive interview with Manyo, we delve deep into the enchanting world of clean beauty, sustainability, and the magical elixirs behind their renowned skincare line. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind Manyo’s potions for the skin, revealing the alchemy that blends nature’s finest ingredients with cutting-edge science for results that truly bewitch the senses. Prepare to be spellbound as we unveil the sorcery behind Manyo’s potions, where beauty meets sustainability and efficacy in a harmonious blend of enchantment and proven results!

Manyo; Oil Clenaser for acne and oily skin


Skinsider Team: Great to have you here! Can you tell us the exciting story behind how your company came to be?

Manyo Team: In March 2012, ma:nyo was established by two individuals: one, a researcher in a Korean dermatological institute, and the other, an e-commerce entrepreneur. Their vision was to craft skincare products solely from skin-friendly ingredients. Initially launched as ‘Manyo Factory,’ the brand later opted for a simplified name and logo, thus adopting the current identity of ma:nyo.


Skinsider Team: Could you walk us through the core principles and beliefs that underpin your company’s philosophy? How do these values influence your decision-making and drive your brand’s vision and mission?

Manyo Team:The most important principle and belief we pursue at ma:nyo is “sincerity.” Although we initially started our business with the philosophy of creating cosmetics with good ingredients, this evolved into decisions based on sincerity towards skin health, the environment, and our customers. These considerations have been the foundation of ma:nyo’s development to where it is today.



Skinsider Team: Our customers are keen to understand how Korean beauty companies like yours are addressing climate change. Can you share details about the concrete steps and initiatives your company is taking to minimize its environmental impact and promote a sustainable future?

Manyo Team:ma:nyo is actively committed to contributing to the resolution of environmental issues facing our planet. We have made significant efforts to minimize our environmental footprint, starting with the use of patented boxes for shipping to our consumers in Korea that do not require tape. Our packaging initiatives include the use of eco-friendly paper, containers that reduce plastic emissions, labels that are easy to remove, and packaging that is both easy to separate for recycling and refillable. We also provide ample information to ensure our consumers can correctly separate waste for recycling. Additionally, we are progressively increasing our range of 100%vegan and cruelty-free products, focusing on research that benefits not only animals and nature but also the health of the skin.

Manyo pure cleansing all for all skin types



Skinsider Team: Let’s explore the fundamental purpose behind your products. How do they align with the desires and aspirations of your customers, all while remaining faithful to your brand’s mission and vision?

Manyo Team:ma:nyo has the brand story, “A place where magical skin transformations happen just as you desire, this is ma:nyo where wizards sincerely care for your skin.” With the belief that subtle differences can create wonder for our customers’ skin, every product is crafted under our strict ingredient principles unique to ma:nyo. We continuously research and rigorously exclude ingredients that could burden the skin. In addition, we conduct various clinical trials for each product to prove their clear efficacy and effectiveness. All ma:nyo products have undergone low-irritation tests, ensuring they are safe for even those with sensitive skin.

Skinsider Team: When it comes to crafting new products, what are the key factors and considerations that hold utmost importance to your brand? Could you share the principles and elements you prioritize to ensure each skincare product aligns with your brand’s values and meets the expectations of your discerning customers?

Manyo Team:We are focused on creating products that offer rapid and intuitive efficacy without causing any burden or irritation to the skin. Adhering to a principle of excluding additives that could be harmful, we ensure that even those with sensitive skin can use our products without worry. For every product, we conduct various efficacy clinical trials, striving to create products with proven effectiveness.

Skinsider Team: What are the primary considerations your brand prioritizes when sourcing ingredients? Could you provide insight into the origins of your ingredients?

Manyo Team:Since its inception, ma:nyo has maintained the philosophy of using only ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. We start our development process by excluding ingredients known to cause skin irritation from our consideration. Subsequently, while combining ingredients that provide miraculous effects on the skin, we prioritize those derived from plant sources. Understanding the wonders that nature offers, we continuously research to ensure the benefits of natural ingredients are delivered to the skin without any burden.

Manyo Bifida Line

Skinsider Team: If you had to select only two products from your exceptional range, which ones would you recommend, and what makes them stand out?

Manyo Team:I would choose the Bifida Biome Complex Ampoule and the Pure Cleansing Oil.

The Bifida Biome Complex Ampoule is a product that aligns very closely with the values we wish to convey. Rather than emphasizing aggressive effects, this ampoule focuses on caring for the skin’s fundamental barrier, creating a strong foundation for healthy skin. It features ma:nyo’s special blend of Bifida biome and complex fermented ingredients derived from lactobacillus, and it has been a steady bestseller in our skincare line for a long time.

The Pure Cleansing Oil has surpassed 10 million bottles in cumulative sales, establishing itself as the nationally recognized cleansing oil. Its unusually thick texture allows for prolonged rolling, making it not only suitable for daily cleansing but also exceptionally effective for blackhead removal. Particularly, it has been the top product in the cleansing category at Olive Young in Korea for three consecutive years, playing a significant role in ma:nyo’s current success.


Skinsider Team: Could you offer us a sneak peek into your brand’s future and highlight any thrilling developments or upcoming releases that customers can eagerly anticipate?

Manyo Team:We are currently developing an advanced version of the Bifida Ampoule we introduced earlier. This new product will focus on further enhancing the efficacy of skin barrier care.

Stay tuned for the second pqart of the interview.

Meantime, you can shop Manyo at Skinsider here.

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